30 Years DSV

Congratulations from the Board

One Voice for Europe - Congratulations from the DSV Board on the anniversary

Three decades ago, the umbrella asso­ci­a­tions of the German Social Insur­ance have come together because of their common Euro­pean policy inter­ests to form the German Social Insurance European Representation in Brussels. The DSV-board, consisting of the executive boards or managing directors of the German Federal Pension Insurance (DRV Bund), National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds (GKV-Spitzenverband) and German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV), makes key decisions and thus contributes significantly to the political orientation and the successes of the DSV.

On the occasion of DSV's anniversary, the board members send their wishes.

The world of work is becoming more digital, more mobile and "greener". Efficient national social insurance systems and a strong European Pillar of Social Rights are indispensable in the ecological and digital change. The German Social Insurance European Representation (DSV) contributes with a great deal of commitment to ensuring that the German Pension Insurance has a voice in Europe. With its expertise, the DSV is a recognised discussion partner for the Brussels institutions and has been doing so very successfully for 30 years now.

30 years later, the work of the German Social Insurance European Representation is more important than ever: major challenges to GKV, i.e. climate change and digitisation, must also be confronted at European level. Current EU laws covering medicines and data usage directly affect the insured and the insurance funds. It is of huge importance to have an audible and valued voice in Brussels through DSV. I would like to congratulate you on your 30th anniversary.

Occupational safety and health is a pan-European topic; many current challenges such as the impact of climate change and digitisation on the world of work can only be solved together. The DSV has been our representation in Brussels for 30 years. It builds bridges, ensures exchange between the statutory accident insurance institutions and the European institutions, and brings the common interests of German social insurance into European legislation. It is our indispensable European voice.