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Health and Long-term care

Opportunities and potentials in the health sector

The responsibility for creating health systems basically lies with the member states. However, the EU supports its member states in realising common objectives, pooling resources and adopting EU-wide legislation that includes pharmaceuticals and medical devices, preventing and controlling cross-border health threats as well as patient mobility issues. Health policy has become increasingly more important as the EU has developed. Major projects such as the European Health Data Space (EHDS), revising general pharmaceutical legislation and implementing the European “Beating cancer plan” reflect the importance that the EU places on health and care policy issues. 

In order to make the health systems in Europe fit for the future, these energies must be meaningfully combined at European level and common potentials must be fully utilised without ignoring the special features of the national systems. This also applies to evaluating medicinal products and devices as well as using digitisation or joint research efforts to provide patients with high-quality care.