You want to get to know political Brussels and dive into the world of the German Social Insurance European Representation (DSV)? No problem!

We regularly offer internships, work shadowing and legal clerkships. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

What can interns expect in Brussels?

  • An insight into the European policy work of the DSV
  • The opportunity to monitor and assist with European policy initiatives on social legislation
  • Cross-divisional cooperation with the policy advisors on site
  • Participation in events organised by political players in Brussels
  • Contributing to DSV publications
  • Diverse networking opportunities
  • Creative freedom depending on your personal focus

What former interns say about their time at DSV:

Catla Oberfeld (DRV Bund)

I have very fond memories of my internship at the DSV in Brussels, which was the ideal place for me to 'think outside the box'. In addition to gaining insights into other European social security systems and lobbying on individual issues from a German perspective, I also started learning Dutch there. I really enjoyed the international spirit of the city and returned to my job in Berlin with new impressions and fresh energy.

Niklas Haustein (DRV Bund)

My time at the German Social Insurance's European Representation was invaluable. It offered a unique insight into the political world from a completely new perspective. The warm support and open atmosphere enriched my experience. The advice and tips were key to navigating the complexities of Europe and Belgium. Thanks to the DSV, my understanding of politics has not only deepened, but has also had a lasting impact on my studies and my life.

Sandra Winkelmann (TK)

The internship at the German Social Insurance in Brussels gave me an exciting insight into current health and social policy issues at the European policy level. I really enjoyed working on a wide range of topics and projects as part of the DSV team and experiencing the interaction between my colleagues in Brussels and the various actors in the European policy arena. Using and deepening my knowledge of English and French, as well as the cultural offerings of the city of Brussels, were a great bonus.

Maya Klemme

As part of my administrative internship, I spent 6 weeks at the DSV. Despite this rather short period of time, I was able to gain deep and fascinating insights into various health and social policy issues at the European level. I particularly appreciate the cooperation and support in my work for the DSV. I also continue to value the opportunity to improve my knowledge of English and French. I am grateful to be able to take the experience I have gained with me into my professional future.

Anett Hausknecht (DRV Bund)

As part of the "Talent Management Pilot", I was able to work as an intern at the DSV European Representation in Brussels from September to November 2023. As head of a social court office in the DRV Bund, I was able to gain a lot of European experience in my job. What a valuable experience, what an exciting and varied time.

I was warmly welcomed by the DSV team and involved in ongoing processes. During this time, I was able to acquire knowledge of European legislation, observe and evaluate the relevant developments in European health and social policy and take part in committee and panel meetings of the European Social Insurance Platform (ESIP) focussing on pensions and rehabilitation.

In addition to other diverse tasks, I also had the opportunity to hold interesting discussions with representatives from various European sectors/institutions and to expand my network.

All in all, I can look back on a very valuable and wonderful time in which I felt very much at home in the DSV team, was able to expand my knowledge and also got to know a beautiful city. Thank you for this great experience, dear DSV team.

Markus Bourauel (DRV Bund)

After more than 30 years as a policy advisor, I wanted to get out of my 'comfort zone'. On the one hand, I wanted to get a taste of the experience of a so-called European migrant worker (different country, different languages, different circumstances, 'away from home'), and on the other hand, I wanted to see what the DSV was up to in Brussels. Looking back, both experiences were right and important for me. I was able to familiarise myself quickly with the DSV team because it wasn't made difficult for me. My view of the 'Brussels apparatus' was sharpened, as I had previously only focused on the EU Commission, whereas at the DSV I learnt that the Council and the European Parliament are very important players and that the trialogue is a tough business.  At DSV, I had the opportunity to familiarise myself with new topics: You have to prepare information in such a way that readers can access the topic and understand what it is about. I can use this lesson at the German Federal Pension Insurance, because here too it is important to formulate complicated things in a way that others can understand. Looking back, I would do it again any time: My time in Brussels and at the DSV was a gain for me.

Larissa Beck (DRV Bund)

I spent a total of eight months at DSV Europa in Brussels on behalf of the German Federal Pension Insurance. I was particularly enthusiastic about the variety of topics and the different players in the social and health care system that have to be taken into account in the joint work of different social insurance institutions. I was already familiar with this from my previous work in national associations, which were also active across organisations, but essentially 'only' at federal level. This perspective has now been significantly broadened for me with a view to the European Member States.