The umbrella organisations of the German social insurance system have come together because of their common European policy interests to form the “German Social Insurance – Working Group Europe e.V.” In view of the growing importance of European integration and Brussels institutions, a separate representative office – the European Representation of the German Social Insurance – was established in 1993 in the heart of the EU quarter of the Belgian capital.

The political tasks of the of the German Social Insurance European Representation are:

  • represent the interests of German Social Insurance in its dealings with the bodies of the European Union and other European institutions;
  • advise European bodies and institutions on issues relating to German social insurance and German social law;
  • monitor and analyse developments in European health and social policy, European social legislation, and decisions made by the European Court of Justice;
  • prepare timely information for members concerning legislation and action programmes of the European Union that are relevant to social insurance including pending decisions by the European Court of Justice;
  • encourage cooperation with the interest representatives of other Member States of the European Union, with German institutions in Brussels, and with institutions of the European Union;
  • prepare and compose joint position statements and position papers, as well as distribute these in a targeted manner at EU level;
  • organise discussions between representatives from the German social insurance associations and the European institutions;
  • give presentations on issues relevant to social insurance at EU level.

The DSV publishes the ed* magazine and a regular newsletter to inform the various insurance institutions and the general public about topics relevant to social insurance.

European Social Insurance Platform - network of European social security organisations

The umbrella associations of the German Social Insurance are founding members of the European Social Insurance Platform. The team of the European Representation supports the work of ESIP by coordinating several committees (