Over the next two years, the Commission’s pilot project “VulnerABLE” will investigate the health of people who are living in isolated or vulnerable situations. For a number of reasons, access to healthcare services is often quite difficult for these people. Therefore, the project will assess their specific health needs and challenges, as well as identify possible solutions and best practices.


The project will involve interviews and focus groups with the people affected, healthcare providers and interest groups. Workshops and training materials will help raise awareness of the topic and form the basis for ongoing exchange at regional and national levels.  


Several issues have been identified from the first round of interviews. Representatives from various national and international organisations expressed their concerns about rising inequality in access to health services, which is worsening as a result of the economic crisis. It can also be seen that the number of private healthcare providers is growing and correspondingly the level of contributions is increasing. Due to social and physical isolation, the rate of suicide amongst elderly people is also increasing. The next phase involves interviewing people directly affected by the issues. The project will run for two years.