Brussels office launches fresh look with updated content


The European Representation of the German Social Insurance has launched a new website which provides information about the activities and current developments in the European Union which affect social security. At the same time, it is also launching its new logo. In addition, the widely popular news magazine “Eureportsocial” will be replaced with a new format and new design. In the future, the topical newsletter “ED” will regularly take an in-depth look at current developments. Existing readers of “Eureportsocial” can also subscribe to a newsletter.  


The aim of the new website is to increase the visibility of the European Representation of the German Social Insurance and to improve recognition. “Our new Internet presence makes our European communication even more professional and attractive. The demand for information about German social security is high in both Europe and internationally. There is also a high degree of interest in how decisions in Europe affect the social systems in Germany. This is why we have refined and optimised our communication tools,” said Dr Franz Terwey, Director of the European Representation of the German Social Insurance.  

The new logo represents the strong anchoring of the German social insurance system within Europe. The basis for the creative work done on the new logo was the desire, firstly, to emphasise the joint approach of the various social insurance institutions and, secondly, to show their link with the social-state tradition and Europe. The new logo is one of the stars from the European flag, which is a well-known symbol for the European unification process. The “German Star” is decorated with a stylised eagle head and symbolises the strengths and unique characteristics of the German social insurance system, which the European Representation speaks for in Brussels.