ISSA launches global campaign for zero workplace accidents and occupational diseases.

SW – 09/2017

At the XXI World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2017, the International Social Security Association (ISSA) announced the launch of the first global campaign to improve safety, health and wellbeing at work. 


The core idea behind the campaign is that workplace accidents and occupational diseases are neither a fait accompli nor unavoidable. Rather, by building a strong prevention culture it is possible to eliminate their causes and thus prevent accidents, diseases and harm at work. 

The campaign encourages a systematic and integrated approach to prevention. To achieve this, the campaign has provided a guide for employers and managers with seven golden rules: 


1. Take leadership – demonstrate commitment 

2. Identify hazards – control risks 

3. Define targets – develop programmes 

4. Ensure a safe and healthy system – be well-organized 

5. Ensure safety and health in machines, equipment and workplaces 

6. Improve qualifications – develop competence 

7. Invest in people – motivate by participation. 


In addition to these rules, there are also practical checklists and training materials. Companies can check which of the seven golden rules have already been implemented in their workplace, where there is room for improvement or where action is required. 


Vision Zero is a prevention approach which integrates all three aspects of safety, health and wellbeing into all aspects of work. The concept is flexible and can be adapted to the specific safety, health and wellbeing priorities of any company. Thanks to this flexibility, Vision Zero can benefit any workplace, company or industry in all regions of the world. 


The seven golden rules were developed by ISSA in conjunction with prevention experts from companies, authorities and social partners, and have been successfully tested. Together with the other campaign material they form a practical toolbox for all companies that want to build a prevention culture. Investing in prevention also pays off financially for a company. A study on the return on investment conducted by the Institute for Work and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance (IAG) on behalf of ISSA showed that investing in workplace health and safety generates a positive prevention cost-benefit-ratio of 2.2. 


For more information, visit the Vision Zero website