Human beings to take last decision.

Dr. Sch.-W. – 11/2019

It’ll make everybody’s heart beat faster when accessories from the icy world of “Frozen” are spread under the Christmas tree. This will be less true of economic actors who operate across borders if the bloodless algorithms of the software “Frozen” prove they have violated EU Posted Worker Rules. On the basis of “big data” analyses of over a million A1 forms, the software creates a predictive model which will be able to identify the greatest risks of illegal activities and to reveal such instances.

The executive director in charge of “Income and Contribution, Risk Analysis and Fraud Prevention”, Antonella Lilla of the Directorate General of the Italian social security institute INPS, expounded interesting details, especially with reference to the transition from repetitive functions to “self-learning intelligence”. In order for the software to fulfil its functions, continuous training based on current cases is necessary, i.e. cases where collaborators have revealed instances of fraud and have drawn conclusions. In view of the close cooperation between man and machine, Antonella Lilla describes this tool as being a “system of collective artificial intelligence” that keeps on learning in a circle all the time. It submits concrete suggestions to collaborators in charge for their decision-making. In all these cases, it’s Man who has the final say. Suspicious cases lead to further inspections on the basis of which a final decision will be taken, if appropriate. In return, the latter will be fed into the “Frozen” system, which does not appear to be that “frozen” at all.

Maybe some other information may be inferred from this model that can be applied to other use cases in the field of social insurance. The enormous amount of individual-related social and other data has been a source of concern. Handling these risks will be one of the big challenges when dealing with ‘big data’.