SocialSecurityMatters - social media campaign of the DSV.

LSC – 04/2024

The European elections will be held in the Member States of the European Union (EU) from 6 to 9 June. This is an important date for all EU citizens as the outcome of the election will help determine future European legislation. And with it, of course, the national laws. The two are closely linked – something that is often overlooked.

Significance of the European elections for the DSV

The European elections and the future composition of the European Parliament also play an important role for the DSV. This is because parliamentarians have the opportunity, together with the Council, to exert a targeted influence on the European Commission's proposals, thus helping shape European social and health policy.

Any shifts in the majorities of the European Parliament can give a new direction to already launched initiatives. This applies to dealing with demographic change as well as the digital and green transition in Europe. But it also applies to the EU's social principles, the European Pillar of Social Rights. For the European representation of the DSV, this raises the following question: how important will health and social policy be in the next legislative period?


Against this backdrop, DSV is prioritising awareness of the importance of the European elections as part of a social media campaign #SocialSecurityMatters. The aim is to draw attention not only to the forthcoming European elections, but also to the importance of European social and health policy. The campaign follows on from a successful panel event organised by the DSV in Berlin in March, at which members of the German Bundestag discussed the European elections and the future of European social policy. 

Under the hashtag #SocialSecurityMatters, the DSV will be publishing regular posts on LinkedIn until the European elections on 9 June with lots of interesting information about the achievements of the EU. The articles range from success stories of EU social and health policy to practical tips, for example on the subject of disinformation.

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