Electronic Medical Record (ELGA) allows patients from Austria to view all their eResults and eMedication-List anytime and anywhere.

AD – 06/2017

Access with Mobile Phone Signature or Citizen Card

ELGA is a joint project between the federal government, state governments and social insurance institutions. Austrian citizens can use the ELGA Portal to view their eResults and eMedication-List anytime and anywhere. To do this, they need a Mobile Phone Signature or Citizen Card. Doctors, hospitals and care facilities can quickly access previous diagnoses and therapies. This supports the flow of information in medical, nursing and therapeutic treatment. The Citizen Card acts as a key and only allows a patient’s health records to be accessed when they swipe their card. Participation in ELGA or parts of it is voluntary.  

eMedication-List as reminder

The eMedication-List is one of several ELGA features. Medication prescribed by a doctor and dispensed in a pharmacy are kept in ELGA as an eMedication-List for a period of one year. Users of ELGA can view their eMedication-List on the ELGA portal; this includes their prescriptions, the medication they have already gotten from pharmacies and prescriptions they still need to pick up. Entries older than one year are automatically removed from the eMedication-List.  

eMedication warns of interaction effects

Anybody who takes several medications at the same time can easily lose sight of the big picture. This can be dangerous if certain active substances are not compatible and result in negative interaction effects. eMedication can warn patients of the interaction effects of medication they already take and newly prescribed or over-the-counter medication. In 2011, a pilot project with 5000 patients and a total of 18,000 prescriptions found there were 110 warnings of serious interaction effects.