European Commission launches REHEALTH 2 project to give refugees and migrants access to their electronic Personal Health Record in certain Member States.

ST – 09/2017

As part of the REHEALTH 2 project, an electronic Personal Health Record (e-PHR) for incoming refugees and migrants will be introduced in at least 6 countries. The e-PHR will include health data and information in one document, covered by data protection regulations. It will provide medical professionals with an overview of a person’s health status. 

What are the objectives?

The aim is to improve and strengthen the current REHEALTH project for refugees. In addition, reports on the health status of migrants and refugees will be produced and their health care will be promoted throughout the EU. REHEALTH 2 will support the EU Migration Agenda, the New Skills Agenda for Europe, and the Action Plan on the Integration of Third Country Nationals. Promoting the e-PHR will also deliver important insights to the EU Digital Agenda.  


The project follows on from the REHEALTH project which was a pilot project for introducing the electronic Personal Health Record (E-PHR) to four Member States - Greece, Italy, Croatia and Slovenia. This also aimed for interoperability between the systems in order to ensure an easy exchange of data between participating countries. Both projects were co-funded by the EU as part of the third EU health programme. 


More information about the project is available here