Bulgaria takes on council presidency for the first time since joining the EU.

SK/MS – 01/2018

For its first presidency of the EU Council, Bulgaria has chosen the motto ‘United We Stand Strong’. Bulgaria wants to achieve future-oriented and realistic results in a constructive way; to uphold the principles of transparency and accountability; and to have an ‘open to citizens’ presidency. The aim is to fulfil the wish of EU citizens for peace, freedom and democracy. 

Health policy

In the area of healthcare, the Bulgarian presidency’s focus for the next six months will be on the topic of a ‘healthy diet for children’. The Bulgarian presidency aims to adopt Council conclusions on this subject.  

In addition, Bulgaria wants to encourage the Member States to continue exchanging their views on access to medicines in order to tackle problems such as the shortage of medicinal products for economic reasons and parallel trade. Due to price differences between medicinal products which occur as a result of different health systems and their national rules on reimbursement, it may be worthwhile to have parallel exports for medicinal products. 

As part of its presidency, Bulgaria also intends to finalise legislative measures such as the proposal to amend Regulation (EC) No 726/2004 on medicinal products for veterinary use, and revising EU regulations concerning the coordination of social security systems.  

Social policy

A high-level international conference on ‘The Future of Work’ is to be organised. Following this, Council conclusions resulting from the conference will be presented. Topics include demographic challenges, the future of work and new forms of organising work and job security.  

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