Public administration and healthcare are among the priorities.

Dr. WSW – 07/2018

The EU’s next Multiannual Financial Framework from 2021 to 2027 will place a very strong emphasis on ‘digital transformation’. A budget of €9.2 billion has been set aside for the financial period. The Digital Europe programme is divided into five areas. The part of the programme that is particularly important from the point of view of social insurance (Objective 5) is hidden under the title ‘Deployment, best use of digital capacity and interoperability’.  


The five priorities under Objective 5 include the modernisation of public administrations in all areas, including the creation of the necessary registers (databases) and healthcare. This is mainly about ensuring that modern digital technologies can be introduced and used in the public sector and in areas of public interest. In this context, public administrations will be offered the opportunity to test and pilot digital technologies, including their cross-border use.  


Public services at EU level will receive support for the design, testing, implementation and deployment of interoperable digital solutions. In the field of healthcare, it is important to ensure that EU citizens have access to their health data across borders and that the e-health infrastructure is developed. Research on disease prevention and personalised healthcare is to receive better data, and digital healthcare will be promoted.