European Parliament adopted the resolution.

KL – 07/2021

International and European human rights law recognises sexual and reproductive rights as human rights and they are linked to the fundamental right to health and gender equality. These include the right to sexual self-determination, combating gender-based violence, family planning, sex education as well as maternity, pre and postnatal care.

Own-initiative report

On 21 May 2021, in the European Parliament’s committee for “Women's Rights and Gender Equality”, MEP Pedrag Matić (S&D, CR) presented an Own-initiative report about the situation regarding sexual and reproductive health and rights in the EU in relation to women's health.

The report highlights very different topics that are of existential importance to the lives and health of many people, especially women, and it also refers to the social insurance system in terms of benefit laws. The report describes deficits that prevent people from exercising their rights. The report also focuses on the controversial issue of legal and safe abortions.

Resolution launched

On 24 June 2021, the European Parliament adopted a resolution, based on its own-initiative report: sexual and reproductive health, the associated rights as well as the well-being, health, safety and life of women should be promoted and supported.  

Demands on the Member States

Member States are encouraged to establish effective strategies for universal access to quality and accessible services in the sexual and reproductive health sectors. The public health services and the health insurance institutions should provide preventive examinations such as mammograms or bone density measurements. In addition to promoting comprehensive sex education for young people and reviewing legislation covering legal abortions, Member States should also ensure access to fertility treatment, contraceptives and maternity, pre and postnatal care. In particular, it calls for the elimination of discrimination.

Requirements facing the EC

The EC is called upon to make full use of its responsibilities in the health policy sector, especially with regard to the EU4Health action programme. Developing common European standards for maternity, pre and postnatal care is also called for in addition to exchanging best practices. Action is needed in the health policy sector in view of the effects of emergencies such as the coronavirus pandemic. Specific steps are also needed to protect sexual and reproductive health and rights, starting with the appointment of an EU special representative.