Health and social systems will be involved

JA – 02/2023

The European Commission is planning comprehensive mental health and preventing mental illness promotions through a new initiative. After it announced the initiative in last year's State of the Union address, the European Commission launched exploratory talks in January and the DSV also participated in them.

Effects on mental health

Mental health problems are a major cause of incapacity for work and early retirement and they challenge our health and social systems. This is why the issue is of particular importance to the DSV. The chronification of mental illness means a reduction in the quality of life for those affected and economic losses for companies and society as a whole. Strengthening mental health is an essential factor in fortifying the population's general resilience to crises.

Comprehensive approach announced by the Commission

As part of these exploratory talks, the European Commission announced a comprehensive approach that would include improving access to treatment and care for mental health problems, measures for appropriate and patient-focused aftercare, making returning to school or work easier as well as measures for combating psychosocial risks in the workplace.

Focusing on: prevention, treatment and rehabilitation

The DSV participated in the exploratory talks that ran until 15 February, by providing feedback. We pointed out that a comprehensive approach to mental health promotion should be generally oriented, i.e. it must include prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. The European Commission's strategy is expected during the second quarter of this year - the date under discussion is 2. June.