The European Commission supports the modernisation of public administration.

AH – 11/2023

On 25 October, the European Commission published a Communication on the strengthening of the European Administrative Area (ComPAct). ComPact is the European Commission's first comprehensive package of measures to support the modernisation of national administration and strengthen cross-border cooperation.

The aim is to create an efficient, transparent and citizen-centred administration in order to meet the needs and expectations of citizens and companies across Europe. The European Commission is thus responding to the demands of the Member States, the European Parliament and the Committee of the Regions to promote cooperation and political dialogue.

This package is based on the European Commission's experience in supporting reforms in individual Member States and from previous initiatives.

A strong package brings modernisation

With a total of 25 support measures, it aims to promote the quality of work of public bodies, cross-cutting cooperation between public administrations and strengthen their capacities for digital and ecological change. Member States are to be supported in tackling the European Skills Agenda and the measures under the European Year of Skills - such as making key public services accessible online by 2030.

The measures are supported by the European Commission through the Technical Support Instrument (TSI) and other available EU funding mechanisms such as the "Digital Europe” or Horizon Europe programme.

Utilisation of the measures contained in the package is not mandatory for the Member States. Active participation and utilisation of the tools and methods identified in the package of measures, mutual support and exchange of experience on best practices will help Member States to learn from each other, as well as innovate and improve the efficiency of their public administration.


With a view to strengthening the capacities of public administrations, the European Commission published a working document of the Commission’s offices as early as 29 April 2021 to support public administrations. The document sets out the importance of public administrations at national, regional and local level in realising the objectives of the European Union (EU).

On 17 December 2021, an expert group for public administration and governance was set up as an additional measure. The aim of this platform is to identify challenges and innovative approaches to the modernisation of public administration through a joint dialogue between the European Commission and the Member States.