Strengthening Europe together!

SK – 05/2024

In the run up to the European elections taking place from 6th to 9th June 2024, Dr Edlyn Höller, Deputy Managing Director of the German Social Accident Insurance, spoke about which European Union (EU) initiatives will benefit her policyholders, in particular, what she would like to see in the next five years and why she thinks people should vote.

For Dr Höller, it is not only the individual initiatives and projects launched at European level in recent years to improve the health and safety of employees that are important, but the European Pillar of Social Rights is also a key milestone. By agreeing on 20 principles for a fairer and more social Europe, Europe has finally recognised that the EU is not just a common economic area, but a community of free people who live together in all their diversity and in social security.

According to Höller, joint trade is not only essential in the implementation of existing EU measures, but more importantly when it comes to advancing demographic and green change as well as digitalisation. The European Parliament plays a key role in the implementation of the various initiatives. Höller therefore hopes that the European Parliament will develop even greater self-confidence in the coming years in order to advance important European projects such as the Green Deal and digitalisation. The European Parliament should form a more balanced counterweight to the member states represented in the Council.

Even though two thirds of all German laws are now determined by Europe, it is the current situation in Europe, which is characterised by war and economic developments on other continents, that should encourage citizens to take part in the European elections, says Höller. At a time when many nations are once again using war as a legitimate defence of their interests, we as Europe can only survive if we act together and stand strong. That is why it is so important to go to the polls and vote for parties that are in favour of a strong, free and democratic Europe.