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ed* Nr. 02/2023

The future is interoperable

ed* Nr. 02/2023 – Chapter 6

The two consortia, but also the experience from the EESSI project, confirm that the digital single market can only be created through European cooperation. This is because the devil is in the detail. Given the diversity of European systems, this is no surprise. It is therefore crucial to work well and closely together.

© 2023 HorstWagner.euGabriele Bischoff, MEP and Vice-President of the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament

The systems must be able to communicate with each other. This doesn’t require reinventi everything; we can learn from each other. The important thing now is that we finally make the leap into the digital age together and exploit the opportunities that digitization offers us.

Going it alone nationally and digitally would not get you very far in cross-border business anyway. They make you digitally “speechless”. Therefore, on 18 November 2022, the European Commission presented a proposal for a Regulation on measures for a high level of interoperability of the public sector in the Union. The objective is to create an information system for the public sector, so that Member States can jointly learn from each other according to the principle of “best practice”, and communicate unhindered with each other via compatible network and information systems. Isolated solutions should be prevented.