Annual review from Brussels

ANG – 12/2022

Dear Readers,


We wish you relaxing moments and time to look back on the year to date during these holidays towards the end of the year.

From a European policy perspective, the year has once again been marked by crises: Whether the coronavirus, the Russian war on Ukraine, the high energy prices associated with it or the corruption scandal in the European Parliament – European solidarity was called for more than ever.

Important European initiatives concerning social legislation have also been launched and implemented. The project to lower the Europe-wide exposure limit for asbestos, the European Supply Chain Act and the revision of Europe's Beating Cancer Plan are just a few examples. We have reported on all these topics in our monthly European policy newsletter. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest.

We have also been able to give you in-depth insights into the topics European Pillar of Social Rights, European Health Data Space (EHDS) and platform work with the three editions of our free magazine ed* this year.

But we are also happy to look ahead: The European Commission has already published its Work Programme 2023. With this, it announced, among other things, a strategy on mental health, the adaptation of the REACH regulation and the revision of the pharmaceutical legislation. It remains exciting for social security.

We will be here for you again in 2023 with the latest reports and developments from Europe.


Start your new year hale and hearty!


Your team at the German Social Insurance European Representation