Resolution enabling a roadmap for a social Europe 

MB – 05/2023

In the plenary sessions held on 10 and 11 May 2023, the EP (European Parliament) discussed and voted on a motion for a resolution enabling a roadmap for a social Europe to be implemented as a follow-up to the social summit held in Porto. The motion for a resolution was approved by a large majority after some amendments were applied to it.

EPSR as a fulcrum

During the motion for a resolution, the EP worked on the EPSR’s (European Pillar of Social Rights) principles and its associated action plan. MEPs repeatedly referred to the Porto 2021 Social Summit, noting that the Summit's 2030 core objectives are insufficient for fully implementing the EPSR's targets in education, employment and poverty. With regard to this the motion for a resolution was accompanied by other specific demands made by the MEPs to the EC and the Council, which are also of importance to the German social insurance system.


In its resolution the EP also called for a legislative proposal from the EC for an ESSPASS (European Social Security Card), so that selected digital documents such as an A1 certificate can be checked in real time in the future. As part of the initial ESSPASS pilot project, the INPS Italian pension insurance institution and the German Federal Pension Insurance Association (DRV Bund), etc., developed a completely digital process for applying for, issuing and checking the so-called posting certificate, i.e. a portable A1 document that will allow an A1 certificate to be stored in a digital wallet. The EP is now calling for a corresponding EU legislative act. The clear objective here should be that even more social security related personal data could be used digitally in future by EU citizens and verified by authorities that need this information.

European disability card

The EC has also promised that an EU disability card will be created by the end of 2023 and the EP has been reminded about its implementation. This card should attain mutual recognition throughout the member states (see DSV News 01/2023 as well). From German Social Insurance's point of view, this approach could be followed by being able to file this document digitally in an ESSPASS in the future, e.g. a severe disability could be digitally documented in the pension procedure for old-age pensions for severely disabled people.

Platform and temporary agency work

With regard to platform working, the EP has raised this with the Council and called on it to reach an agreement and a common position on the proposed directive about platform working. German Social Insurance has previously reported on the efforts of the Swedish Council Presidency (see DSV-News 05/2023).

With regard to temporary agency working, the EP has called on the EC to revise the existing directive covering temporary agency working to ensure that seasonal and mobile workers get good and decent working conditions. The EC promised this in Porto.

Combating poverty in old age

The demand for long-term income security with regard to Principle 15 of the EPSR is of importance for pension insurance. The EP reminded everyone here that all EU citizens should receive a pension that is in line with their contributions and that there must be minimum benefits that prevent poverty in old age. In particular, both men and women should have equal opportunities to acquire sufficient pension rights. In order to realise this objective and according to the Porto Social Summit target, at least 78 per cent of the population aged between 20 - 64 should be and remain in employment by 2030. However this also means that attractive measures must be implemented, especially for older employees, to keep them in the labour process longer, e.g. through more flexible working hours and age-appropriate workplaces (see DSV-News 04/2023). It also includes a general option for all workers to access further training and retraining, which on the one hand will take into consideration the challenges of environmental and digital changes and on the other hand it will enable people to participate longer in working life. This will also strengthen the social security systems.

More generally, the EP has also called for the fight against poverty in the EU to be given a high priority in the next EPSR action plan and for it to be part of the roadmap for a social Europe.