30 years-long – the voice of German social insurance in Europe

ANG – 06/2023

30 years of European Representation of the German Social Insurance (DSV) in Brussels – 30 years of commitment to a social Europe and to social cohesion. And this is only possible because in 1993, top organisations of the statutory health insurance and long-term care insurance, as well as the accident and pension insurance, joined forces with a common goal in mind: strengthening the representation of interests in social and health policies by establishing a local representation in Brussels - the German Social Insurance European Representation. 

The decision at that time was both forward-looking and groundbreaking. Forward-looking, because with the establishment of the single market, Europe was growing closer together. Labour mobility increased and European policy became more important for German Social Insurance. That is why it is no coincidence that 1993 is the founding year of the DSV.

Pioneering, as DSV was the first national social security system to be represented in Brussels. Representative offices from other Member States followed about ten years later. Being represented locally – this step was consistent and correct in order to be able to effectively introduce the concerns of the German Social Insurance system into European politics. For example, the DSV was able to successfully lobby in Brussels for the improvement of working conditions for people in Europe, access to social security services or the possibilities of cross-border medical care. The DSV also accompanied the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights.

30 years after DSV was founded, European health and social policies have evolved. Even though the design is still largely within the competence of the Member States, political initiatives have increasingly been launched at EU level in recent years, which the DSV follows closely.

Congratulations from politics and the Board of Directors

The political work of the German Social Insurance (DSV) would not be possible without close partners who have accompanied and supported it for years. The European Commission as well as numerous Members of the European Parliament congratulated DSV on its anniversary. Among the well-wishers is the German Social Insurance (DSV) board, which emphasises the importance of the presence of the European representation in Brussels. The Congratulations from the MEPs and the European Commission as well as the Greetings of the Executive Board can be found on the anniversary page.

On the occasion of its anniversary, DSV has also modernised its website and looks back not only on its own history but also on the history of social insurance in a new section on the anniversary.

Anniversary event: Bismarck on the move: Get digital. Go green.

On 27 June, in view of the 30th anniversary, the German Social Insurance (DSV) is also organising a specialist conference in Brussels titled "140 Years of Social Security System - 30 Years of the Single Market. Bismarck on the move: Get digital. Go green". In two panel discussions, high-ranking politicians will speak with DSV Board on the topics of digitisation, climate change and the impact on social systems. This will be followed by a festive evening reception. For more information about the programme, please visit our website.