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ed* Nr. 01/2023


Through the European Green Deal and the EPSR, a variety of political activities have been introduced at the European level in recent years. Both initiatives describe a turning point towards a resource-saving, climate-neutral economy and towards an efficient European social model.

ed* Nr. 01/2023 – Chapter 9

It is now important to jointly consider both approaches and not limit them to groups worthy of protection. The HLG recommendations have opened this discussion which now needs to be intensified. The further development of the European Green Deal and the EPSR should include social security from the beginning, work on coping strategies and set common solutions via individual security models.

Linking the European Green Deal, digitisation and social protection is one of the key challenges for the vision of a future-oriented, climate-neutral and social Europe. The European Representation of the German Social Insurance is therefore dedicating the anniversary event on the occasion of its 30th anniversary to this issue.

Titled “140 years of social insurance, 30 years of the single market – Bismarck on the move: Get digital. Go green.”, two panels will discuss the challenges facing social insurance in the context of digitisation and climate change on 27 June 2023.