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ed* Nr. 03/2021

3. Interlinking digital communications

How all of the above-mentioned technologies will interlink after the coordinating process for the social security systems has been digitised will be outlined using the portable PDA1 document as an example.

ed* Nr. 03/2021 – Chapter 5

If an employer wants to send an employee to another member state, the employer will be directed to the responsible social security institution via the “Your Europe” portal as the SDG contact point and he / she can request a PDA1 certificate for the respective employee. The responsible institution will issue it and inform the employer via e-mail that it has been issued. The responsible institution will communicate with the social security institution in the host member state through EESSI and share the relevant data. The employer will forward the e-mail to the employee. Via a link to the social security institution‘s portal included in the e-mail, the employee can scan a QR code to share her / his EU-ID with the responsible social security institution, which will then be able to check it via EBSI. The employee will receive the PDA1 from the responsible institution and can import it into her / his ID-wallet. In the event of a verification being needed, the employee can share the EU-ID and the PDA1 certificate with the inspectors by scanning in a QR code and they can then check them via EBSI and receive legible data.