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ed* Nr. 02/2021

Demographic change is leaving its mark

ed* Nr. 02/2021 – Chapter 2

Old-age provision, health and care are three of the most profound social issues being discussed in Germany. These issues are also being dealt with intensively at European level. Comprehensive reports are published on this subject every three years and they take a deep look into the future. After all, we are talking about a period of up to half a century: Can the expectations of the welfare state be fulfilled? Can it be financed? Such studies are associated with great uncertainties – one, therefore, prefers to speak of “projections” rather than “forecasts”. 

The EC submitted its regular reports as usual this year. In May came the “2021 Ageing Report”,1 and in June came the “2021 Pension Adequacy Report”2 as well as – out of its normal cycle – the “Long-Term Care Report”.3